Mission / Vision / Goals

Announcing the gospel message, in order to bring people to the knowledge of Christ: Create opportunities to disciple believers, so that they grow into confirmation with the character of Christ and full communion with God;


To be a national reference unit in the transparency and management of informative content, serving as an example of integrity and respect for Christian ethics, in fulfillment of the Church’s Mission of full human development;


  1. Produce and broadcast “holistic” programs with a message of peace and reconciliation, citizenship and hope.
  2. To advise the church in fulfilling its mission of going to the whole world, preaching the Gospel to every creature, making disciples of all nations.
  3. Promote social work through human development, by creating jobs and reducing marginality and corruption.
  4. Make its channels available for the promotion of services and products of business and other organizations, without harming the editorial line of Alfa & Omega.

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